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Business & Strength

Tuls core business is in the marketing and development, focusing on the solutions from software to hardware such as graphics cards, motherboards, and multimedia cards. Tuls strengths that had lead the company to its current leading position in the global IT industry can be categorized into four:

R&D and Marketing expertise
  • Agile in sensing early requirements of the distribution channel
  • Innovative in market and technology development
  • Define and design the right products for the right markets
  • Comprehensive firmware, driver and software development capabilities
  • Highly efficient, automated and Web-based product lifecycle management system
  • Well established Quality Assurance System
Manufacturing advantages
  • Strategic alliances with the leading EMS providers
  • Quick-to-volume production capacities
  • Scalable production flexibility for specific products
  • World-class manufacturing capabilities and quality assurances
  • Just-in-time material and logistics management
Competitive cost-management
  • Alliances with the leading EMS providers
  • Robust strategic supplier relationships
  • Excellent supply chain management
  • Just-in-time material control
Integrated services
  • Global product distribution network
  • Comprehensive Web-based technical support system accessible worldwide
  • Fast and responsive RMA services