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Warranty - Graphic Cards

LIMITED Warranty Policy ..
TUL Corporation (herein "TUL"),stands behind its Products, offers the following warranty for all of its standard Embedded Card Products (herein "Product"). TUL will replace, at its own discretion, free of charge, any parts of the purchased TUL Products which prove defective due to improper material and/or workmanship, subjected to the following terms and conditions.

Warranty Period
The following warranty periods will apply for all Products purchased from TUL : two(2)years.

Terms of Warranty
1. Warranty Period begins with the departure of the goods from TUL. (bill of lading on-board date).
2. For Products found to be defective during the Warranty Period, TUL will replace ,at its own discretion, free of charge, the defects resulting from improper material and/or workmanship. TUL will pay one-way shipping to be responsible for returning material replaced under this warranty to the customer.

  • 2.1 TUL will not replace the defect that caused by misuse or Customer’s negligence, or the Product is out of warranty.
  • 2.2 TUL will bill the customer shipping fee by Section 2.1.

3. To prevent unnecessary damage of returning goods, all material returned to
TUL will be shipped in bulk packing. Any damage from poor package during shipment will render warranty void and TUL will reserve the rights to charge or reject the damaged items.
4. TUL will NOT be responsible for compatibility with other manufacturers' Products, or damage to its Products caused by improper use, unauthorized modification or maintenance by unqualified personnel.
5. This warranty is valid only if TUL Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedures are followed. (Reference the TUL Return Material Authorization Request and Processing Procedures).
6. The TUL warranty will not cover the following conditions:

  • 6.1 Products needed as a result of misuse, neglect, unauthorized repair, unauthorized modification, or use for purposes other than those intended.
  • 6.2 Damages incurred as a result of inadequate packing for shipment by customer.
  • 6.3 Products with missing or altered serial numbers or Production stamps.
  • 6.4 Incomplete or disassembled items (specifically BIOS, SRAM, 8042 etc...) which are disassembled and returned in pieces.
  • 6.5 Products returned without prior RMA authorization, or when the returned Products are a different quantity or type from those specified in the RMA request.

7. In the event that a Product was returned to TUL for replace and examined not
defective, TUL will bill the customer for all handling and labor costs of examine
technicians .


RMA Request and Processing Procedures
TUL Return Material Authorization (RMA) request and processing procedures are used for all goods returned to TUL for replace whether in or out of warranty.

RMA Procedure

  1. Before requesting RMA, all customers must submit Problem Report to TUL Technical   Support Department. Technical Support will attempt to diagnose and solve the problem on our customer site with their Technician before authorizing return for replace. If Technical Support cannot solve the problem or determines that a hardware failure is the cause of the problem, they will recommend RMA for replacement.
  2. Customer sends a completed RMA Request form by e-mail to TUL to initiate the RMA process. All customer sections of the form must be filled in for our reference. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  3. If the material listed on the RMA form is covered by the TUL warranty, the TUL RMA department will respond within forty-eight (48) hours by transmitting a completed copy of the RMA form with the RMA approval number, appointed RMA Center address, and recipient. 
  4. The customer must ship the RMA approved material to appointed RMA Center within   fifteen (15) working days of receiving a RMA number. The deadline will be indicated    on the approved RMA request as the expiration date. Failure to ship within fifteen (15) days will require the customer to reapply for RMA number.
  5. Customers must attach a replacement tag or replacement form to each returned piece. The tag must clearly indicate the RMA number under which the Product is returned and the item number on the RMA request form. Replacement forms can be obtained from TUL on request.
  6. The defective card should be packed individually in bulk packing without any accessory.TUL will not return with accessories such as manual, CD Driver, cables, etc.
  7. All RMA related correspondence will reference the RMA number issued by TUL.
  8. Upon shipment to appointed RMA Center, the customer will transmit a shipping notice and a full set of shipping documents including packing list, invoice and bill of landing or airway bill.
  9. In order to ensure quick turnaround, the packing list will clearly identify carton numbers and itemized contents of each carton. In addition, the RMA item number from the RMA request form must be specifically indicated on the packing list.
  10. When TUL receives shipping notification, the RMA Department will reserve time for replacement to make every effort to ensure the following worst-case replace turnaround times, fourteen (14) working days.
  11. Turnaround times in item 9 are from arrival of goods (RMA Center) to departure of replaced goods from United States loading dock within fourteen(14)working days .
  12. Replacement schedules listed in clause 9 are only guaranteed when shipping documents are sent to TUL ahead of the shipment and which clearly identify the carton numbers that contain each item on the RMA request.
  13. If customers insist on sending the Products, which were rejected upon TUL’s RMA number request, they will not be returned.